Tips for Organizing Your Desk

Alaia Williams, Founder of One Organized Business (, shares essential tips for keeping your desk organized. This will allow you to manage the clutter of your work space, and improve efficiency.

  1. Determine your main purpose
  2. Start the organization process with a clean slate
  3. Keep commonly used items nearby
  4. File away all unnecessary items
  5. Preserve your desk as 'work only' space

The desk is the main hub of any work space. So the key thing to do before organizing your desk is to figure out what the main purpose is of that micro work space that you are going to be sitting at for most of your day. What are the main activities you're going to be doing and what you're going to need close at hand?

The next thing to do is start with a clean slate. Clear off your desktop, clear out any drawers, anything around the desk. Start with a clean slate and build up from there.

The next thing to do is keep frequently used items close at hand, whether that's an inbox and outbox, action files, stapler, a pen, whatever you’re going to need on a day to day basis.

Next file anything unnecessary out of site. If you don't need them in daily or regular basis, you don't need it with in arms reach. Keep that space free and clear so you can get in and out easily and do your job without any extra stress or headaches.

Lastly, preserve your desk as a work only space. It's really important that the things on and around your desk are all there to help you get your job done and be efficient and be effective.

If you keep this tips in mind, you will be able to keep your desk and your work space as a whole more organized and you will able to have a much more productive work experience.