Keys for Working with Interns for Your Business

Interns can be a great asset for any growing thriving business and they can be a great help to busy business owners. So I’ve got some key tips that I'm going to share with you about working with interns and getting the most out of your intern experience.

First, define your needs and requirements. Know what you need and what you want from an intern before you even start the search. Once you've hired the intern, the next thing to do is set expectations. You should know what you want from the intern but the intern should also know what's expected of them. Be clear. Set milestones and goals and always check in. Be on the same page and communicate openly.

Lastly, it's really important to be realistic. Interns are students. They're supposed to be learning so don't expect executive level output from an intern. You're there to train, grow, mentor and guide them. They can be great assets but they are learning so keep that in mind.

Interns can be often be mismanaged and overworked. If you follow the three tips that I've given you today, you'll get the most out of your intern experience and your intern will have a great experience working with your business as well.