Essential Documents Every New Tech Company Must Have

Linda Wang is Founder of Cambrian Law Group ( In this video she discusses essential documents every new tech company must have.

  1. Charter: establishes legal entity & is filed with the Secretary of State
  2. Bylaws: illustrate the company governance
  3. Technology transfer agreements: handle the IP ownership management
  4. Employment agreements: manage employees & contractors

There are few essential documents every start up needs. And the first one is the charter also known as articles of incorporation or the articles of organization depending on the state that you're filing your entity with. This is the document you file with the Secretary of State that establishes your legal entity. And it can be a limited liability company also known as LLC or a corporation.

The second essential documents your start up must have are the bylaws or they're also called the operating agreements. The bylaws or the operating agreements are documents that illustrate and describe the governance of your company.

The next essential document is the technology transfer agreement or the invention assignment agreement. Those agreements govern the intellectual property management of your company.

Another essential start up agreement is the employment agreement for both of your contractors and your employees. And in each person's… in each employee's agreement there are different provisions that basically tells you as the company owner as well as the employee what their different expectations are.

These are the documents that every start up needs to consider if you want to avoid problems down the line and if you want to correct… if you want to set up a good frame work for your company to prosper and grow.