How to Determine the “Real” Value of Your Sales Process

By: Max Ritz

Max Ritz is Director of Adrenaline Apparel & LXM Pro ( In this video he discusses how to determine the "real" value of your sales process.

  1. Understand important metrics
  2. Ability of the sales team
  3. Balance your metrics against intangibles


As web 2.0 and CRM have become incredibly prevalent in sales processes. You wanna make sure you're focusing on real value that's what I call it. It's very important to know your metrics. Whether it's a small sampling or a very large or in compassing sampling, it's important to know where my money comes from, where my margins are best served.

Secondly, obviously be the confidence in your sales team that represent your product in the best way possible. If you've had the proper training time and the processes there, you're good to go.

Lastly and most important is balancing your metric versus the intangible value that your reps bring to an opportunity. I know there's a certain self through way -- writing a certain region of the country by how am I communicating my information? Is my rep absolutely doing the best he can from an attitude tone and timing stand point with a retail or an account.

Great way to do that would be to listen in on a phone call and communicate that to the rep. Whatever it might be I like to get involved with my reps and make sure things are on point.

Just to wrap up, real value in your sales processes is absolutely paramount and understanding the balance between metrics and intangibles.