Keys to Boosting B2B Sales and Partnerships

Max Ritz is Director of Adrenaline Apparel & LXM Pro ( In this video he discusses keys to boosting B2B sales and partnerships.

  1. Identify potential drivers & partners to collaborate with
  2. Establish several performance-based benchmarks to aim for
  3. Create a way to differentiate from competitors


B2B sales and partnerships are an excellent way to move your company in direction quicker than you might in a B2C format. Even B2C companies work very strongly on their sales and partnerships with that level to try move the needle on a quicker fashion. Identifying drivers and partners in this generic way is a great way -- it may take the first step. Classic negotiation tactic might tell you not to out release and show your cards and say you're who we wanna grow with but in a world of growing competition and constant communication information I believe you should absolutely share that information and start moving together.

Secondly, would be your performance based bench marks. I believe in generating revenue through your partners by offering them certain products or certain initiatives, marketing, advertising. Something to that effect that other people aren't getting when they're not performing up this bench mark.

Lastly would be to differentiate yourself from competitors. By integrating a sub brand or a performance based brand, what you're doing is involving your company on an incentivise level on that person's floor. If your brand that sells say t-shirts. If I offer a sub brand to a big retailer I'm proud to be there. They're proud to have me in front of their store. It's an initiative they wanna move on. I'm beating my competitots in some way and there's buy in from the cusomer.

To wrap up, B2B sales and partnerships move the needle for your company if done right. Don't be afraid to identify your drivers and share your information with them. Trust me, it's always flattering.