Executing a Sales Team Formula from Scratch

By: Max Ritz

Max Ritz is Director of Adrenaline Apparel & LXM Pro (max@lxmpro.com). In this video he discusses executing a sales team formula from scratch.

  1. Focus on hiring the very best people possible
  2. Get to know individual personalities
  3. Create & implement a sales process
  4. Execute your timelines


Executing a sales team formula from the scratch is the most important thing to generating top line growth in your business at this point. Hiring your team and the right people is absolutely my number one priority. I like to incorporate a social component into that process. Taking people out for meals, getting them outside of the office 'cause you know that when they're in the office they're giving you their absolute very best. You wanna put them in a position to showcase different pieces of their personality whether it would be a small talk, interaction with strangers, things like that will differentiate you in the sales process.

Number 2 will be your training and defining a sales process. You wanna make sure that if you have the time, you're generating the right kind of opportunities for theses people and show them the right path to success. If you don't have the time, a great way to do this would be listening on phone calls. Help them with actual on the job training and move your team in the right direction.

Thirdly, would be to execute your time lines. Communicate where your business needs to be at certain points in the year to your team and make sure that they're on task.

To wrap up, executing a sales team formula from the scratch, a great way to excite your empoyees about the future of your company and really generate growth.