What Brands Look for in Companies to Sponsor

Max Ritz is Director of Adrenaline Apparel & LXM Pro (max@lxmpro.com). In this video he discusses what brands look for in companies to sponsor.

  1. Timing is essential to your chance of sponsorship
  2. Having a clean & compelling presentation
  3. Include an up-sell to heighten the incentive


What brands to look for and companies to sponsor? I'm in a fortunate position to being on both buy and sell side of that so essentially we're talking about selling sponsorship inventory. The number component to this process is timing. You don't have many chances to get your first impression out with the companies. You wanna make you're presenting your information and accordance with their budget time lines.

Secondly, we'll be presenting that information in a clean and compelling format is my information someting this person does not mind looking at. Can they digest what I'm offering? Is there a lead and to a follow up conversation?

Third, would be tying in some sort of an up-sell. Add a component that might be slightly more established than what you're selling in order to, and set the eyes of the person getting involved. Often times the sponsor will look to break the opportunity up and just take what's really beneficial for them. Make sure you're tying in the whole thing. So, to follow up you wanna include your timing, your presentation and your up-sell all in a packaged format with the right kind of attitude.