Setting up Your Home Office

Jessica Gottlieb is a speaker & blogger ( In this video she talks about setting up your home office.

  1. Know your purpose & set up accordingly
  2. Maintain clear boundaries between home & work
  3. Set aside dedicated time & space for your work
  4. Purchase equipment specifically for your new business
  5. Get a virtual phone number through Google Voice
  6. Utilize eFax if needed
  7. Furnish your space with quality furniture & lighting
  8. Create an organized filing system that works for you
  9. Keep action files nearby & any finished files stored away
  10. Incorporate an electronic filing system with routine backups

Now, we’re going to set up the home office. This is the nerve center of your home business. This is like the gear within the brain and everything. It is -- we can’t all have guest houses and extra bedrooms and everything like that, but still, even if it’s just a section of a room, it needs to be a section that is set up for you and for work.

This is not home and work space. The whole thought of multi-tasking, that is just nonsense. We are not sitting in math class taking notes and passing notes -- you know, taking notes on math and passing notes to our friends. We are running a business. We happen to be doing it from home but you need a dedicated space and a dedicated time to be doing this. It doesn’t matter if the time is in 45-minute increments, because in real life, we might not all have like 4 hours during the day, but we might know that are 45 minutes here and 45 minute there and 45 minutes there and we know that we are going to go in our computer ideally or using it only for work.

As important as it is to have a dedicated space, you’re going to want dedicated equipment. I know not everybody has the ability to just start with a fresh, new computer that’s only for work. If you can, “oh yeah.” But if you can’t, then maybe that’s one of the first purchases that your new business can make for you.

Wireless printers are fabulous. If you want to take your cellphone and convert that into your work phone, that can be a great way to manage things. If you don’t want to do that, Google Voice is a great option. And Google Voice can give you – basically, it’s a virtual phone number.

Also, some businesses will require a fax. You can use eFax if you need one. If you’re dealing with anything in the medical industry, like if you’re doing medical transcribing and stuff, I think that you’re still required to actually use a fax for that, a not the internet.

Now, we have our area carved out for the home office, but it needs to be furnished properly. You need a great chair. You need a well-lit desk area and a really good keeper filing system. Your filing system needs to work for you. Some people want alphabetical. Some people want by category. I know that every year that that needs to be replaced so we’ll get all of last year’s stuff out so we can start fresh with next year’s stuff.

The stuff that you’re working on, the action files that we call them, should be close at hand, maybe a short little thing on your desk, maybe right next to your desk. And the stuff that you’re finished with gets filed to the system that you’ve created for you and for your business mindfully.

Now, in addition to that, you’re going to need an electronic filing system because basically, the hard drive in your computer is like a filing cabinet so you want to organize that similarly to the paper system that you’ve created, and be sure to back that up regularly.

If you don’t have it in you to know that every Thursday, you’re going to go ahead and back everything up into a different hard drive, then go ahead and get some cloud based back up system. And that will save you from losing all of your data.

So now, we’ve got this home office that is set up, just for you, just for this businesses and it’s set up in a way that is going to allow you be your most productive working from home.