Marketing Your Brand New Business: Who are your customers and how do you reach them?

Jessica Gottlieb is a speaker & blogger ( In this video she talks about who your customers are and how you can reach them.

  1. Determine your customers & seek them out
  2. Submit website to search engines: Google, Bing & Yahoo
  3. Utilize Google & Bing's Webmaster Tools or Yahoo! site submit

All right, this is my favorite part of any part, or this is just my favorite. I can’t even talk about it. I’m so excited. I love marketing a new business. It is the most exciting thing that you’re going to do.

Basically you guys, you don’t go fishing in the desert. So figure out who your customers are and go to them. You go to them physically and you go to them virtually. If we are, if you have a website, we need to submit it to search engines. Your customers are all on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So, you have to be there, too.

Google has webmaster tools, just put in Google webmaster tools, boom you’ll be right there. Just insert that stuff right in to your website. Bing has webmaster tools. Bing is Microsoft. Yahoo site submit is also there. There is a free version, there’s paid version. Go ahead. The free version is just fantastic, but again our customers are out there searching for our Widgets online. Let’s make sure and submit our Widgets to where they’re searching.