Your Business Doesn't Exist without a Website: Building Your Site

Jessica Gottlieb is a speaker & blogger ( In this video she discusses building your site.

  1. 2 options for building a site: do it yourself or pay someone
  2. For an online business use a WordPress template
  3. Useful for single-page websites
  4. When hiring someone, have a clear understanding of what you want for your site
  5. Draw inspiration from sites your admire
  6. Utilize
  7. Use Google to research local designers
  8. Determine who will handle site maintenance

Now you need to build your website and there’s only 2 ways to do this. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it and that’s it. There is no in between. Do not even – somebody is going to say, “Oh, we’ll do part of it and then hire somebody to do part of it.”

Don’t bother. That is, just take some money and put it through the paper shredder. That’s a much better option. It’ll cost you less. So if you’re going to build your own site and your business is in the web and you’re going to be maintaining it WordPress is really probably the simplest way to go. You bought your domain and you can go ahead and install a WordPress template pretty easily.

Also, if your business is not web-based and you really just need a one page website, it doesn’t have to go in deep, it just, you just want to show people where your business is and how to reach you, don’t be afraid to build that yourself. The web is really a great place because it’s really forgiving and you can just build what you feel like is the best thing that you can build and you can add to it later and you can make it a little cleaner or a little prettier or add, change your address or your phone number or whatever.

One of your options is to hire somebody to build your website, and again you need to very specific about what you want. You cannot walk in to a web designer and say, “Oh, build me a website.”

You need to know what you want your site to look like and you can research similar sites and see what they have done right and done wrong. It’s perfectly fine to walk into a designer and go, “Listen I totally want like this but I hate the pink balloons.”

And so tell them what you love and you don’t love and let them be creative because they are good in what they do. If they are good at what they do, let them just be good at it you know.

Another option is to go to a place like and at 99designs, you go okay listen, here’s what I need, I need a website that does this, this, this and this and I am willing to pay whatever however many dollars for it. You put the money up and then a whole bunch of people come back at you and you just chose the one that you like best. It’s, I think it’s very exciting and if you are a risk taker, 99designs might be the perfect place for you.

You can also Google local designers or when you see your favorite sites and you’d see a site that’s particularly speaks to you and to your business go ahead and look across the bottom like in, they call it a footer but it almost looks like a footnote it will say designed by quite often. Go ahead and click through to that and see who designed it and see if you can engage them.

So now you’re hiring your designer and you know everything that you want on there, you also need to know are they going to do the maintenance for you. What is their availability going to be for maintenance? Are they going to be available the same day or are you going to have to wait 2 or 3 weeks? Are they a new business? Or are they established?

So these are things that you need to know going in much like a car, a site needs like tweaking periodically when things change. So if you’re not prepared to do the maintenance, you need to ask them what the rates will be and what the availability is to do the maintenance.