Your Business Doesn't Exist without a Website: What is the goal of your Site?

Jessica Gottlieb is a speaker & blogger ( In this video she discusses the goal of your site.

  1. A web presence is essential
  2. Decide the site's ultimate purpose
  3. For an online store, the site must be safe & easy to use
  4. Draw inspiration from existing sites- eBay or Amazon
  5. Capitalize on an existing platform

So your business just does not exist without a website, like and I know that it is really weird, but the reality is that for so many people and for so many of your customers and your clients, if you are not on the web you are just invisible.

So just before we go ahead and just start building a site, let us think about what the goal of the site is. Are you going to sell products online? If you’re going to sell products online or promote an idea online, those are two really different websites, right?

If you are selling products online, the most important thing that you need to think about is that it is both safe and easy for people to buy it from you. People, if there are road blocks in front of click and purchase, the purchase is never made.

So we want to just get everything front and center and think about places like eBay where they have just made it super easy and very, very safe. In fact, when you are thinking about building a site you might even want to think about just making it a part of eBay. That’s a totally legitimate home-based business.

If your site is meant to promote a brick-and-mortar business that you want people to walk into, let’s say that you’re doing a – you’re an aesthetician and you have like in your guest house, you have a set up there. People need to know how to contact you. People don’t make appointments online. What they do is they search for you, find neighborhood aesthetician and then they want to see your phone number there and they want to pick up the phone and call you or if they are on the smart phone they want to pick up their phone and just touch it.

So make sure that your name, your address and if it’s home-based, that might not be like your address that might be your PO Box, make sure that they aren’t part of an image. Make sure that they are their own clickable words. So that phone number, that’s really important. If you’re building a website to get your phone to ring, make sure people can ring you.

If the point of your website is to engage potential customers or to entertain people, then that’s a really different kind of website. That’s not going to be a particular static. You want both provide a lot of valuable and refreshing content. Your content should probably be on a schedule, maybe it’s Monday through Friday. Maybe it’s all week long, although I don’t recommend it if you’re working from home.

You want to link to your existing content. So if you’re writing a story about something that happened recently, you want to talk about a story that happened 3 months ago, too. Keep people reading within your website. It’s really – it’s a particular talent to keep people engaged and to tell the same stories in new and different ways over and over again.