Progress Over Perfection

Adam Lilling is a Serial Entrepreneur & Investor ( In this video he discusses progress over perfection.

  1. Determine the MVP for your business
  2. Ensure you can build & maintain MVP
  3. Presell to at least 1 customer

In some instances, perfection is important like building the space shuttle, you can't get anything wrong. But for an internet company, I'd say progress over perfection.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your minimum viable product is. What is the least amount that I can do but I'm still going to get that customer to want my product.

Then, you want to understand how much is it going to cost not just to build that product but also maintain it because it's going to take you a while to build out more features to get more products, to get more customers.

And then the third thing you need to do is to pre-sell to one customer. Get some customer in that says I’ll take it. Because really if they'll take that minimum viable product. If they'll take what you think is good enough, then you should just go build it because you're better of starting with something and keep moving cause moving is the most important and inertia’s going to kill you.

So, just keep moving. Progress over perfection is better than trying to get it right the first time. Nine times out of ten or ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you're gonna change the product anyway. So, get what you think is good out there and then make it better.