3 Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Shirin Salemnia is Founder & CEO of PlayWerks Inc. (www.play-werks.com). In this video she shares three time saving tips for entrepreneurs.

  1. Schedule your meetings close by & virtually whenever possible
  2. Strategically plan your tasks each day
  3. Be flexible to new developments

Well, time saving tips are really important and I feel like, you know, there's not enough time in the day for things. But the biggest thing is like try to schedule meetings that are close and try to do things on Skype or do things are close, you know, online or there's Open Meeting. And there's so many things you can do online that help your time so you don't get stuck in traffic where you can be actually online or talking to someone on the phone. You know, there's so many ways in this day and age technologically where we can connect to people versus, you know, being stuck in traffic, which is not fun. So I would say the biggest thing is schedule meetings close by and, you know, virtually when you can.

And then the next thing is like try your plan your tasks, like, really strategically throughout the day. Make sure you that schedule a time for, like, e-mails and phone calls and you know, maybe some little bit of time on Facebook and a little bit of time, you know, for yourself. It's really important to balance out everything. I think as entrepreneurs, we usually get stuck in or caught in the monotony of so many things we have to do. So it's really important to be strategic about planning your day everyday.

And then the other thing is I think you really need to be flexible about how your day goes because sometimes meetings get, you know, like it'll take an hour and a half or somebody is running late or a meeting that's supposed to be half an hour takes 2 hours. So you just have to be, you know, flexible to go with the flow and that's the biggest thing I would say.

So those are the 3, you know, time saving tips for entrepreneurs.