How to Get Your Dream Job

Shirin Salemnia is Founder & CEO of PlayWerks Inc. ( In this video she talks about how to get your dream job.

  1. Read & research everything related to your industry
  2. Actively network & share your dream
  3. Contact hiring manager & request an informational interview
  4. Be persistent & don't accept "no"
  5. Always follow-up
  6. Stay in touch
  7. Have a strong passion & convey it

I'm going to tell you how to get your dream job because I did it, and it was a dream come true. And I think the really key thing is to read and research, like, everything, you know, about the industry. For me, it was the toy industry previously. And it was like I knew everything and anything and anybody that asked me anything about the toy industry I could tell them, like, the back of my hand and people were, like, totally, like, blown away by me knowing all these stuff. But it was really key to, like, you know, immerse yourself in this industry, whatever it is for you. It's really important.

It's really important to network and really, like, share your dream with everyone and tell people specifically, like, this is what I want to do for this company or this is the kind of job that I want and this is the kind of industry that I want to be in. And it's really important to do that because you're sharing your goal and your vision with people and you're making it a reality when you're talking about it and that's really a big deal.

You know, what I did was I basically contacted my... the person that was going to hire me and I asked him for an informational interview. And that was really important because I basically walked in there. And I knew what I wanted, I wanted a job, you know, and it was really specific in the industry and it was like I wasn't going to take no for an answer. So asking for an informational interview and being persistent and not taking “no” for an answer really key as well.

Then follow-up, I can't stress following up. I mean, it took me 9 months but it was really key and I also went to, like, a big industry conference and also, the toy fair was a big deal that I did on my own before I even got the job there. So I would say like, you know, stay in touch through e-mail, give updates on, like, books that you're reading about the industry, ask questions, you know, keep abreast of everything that's going on and keep, you know, your potential hiring manager abreast of what you're doing.

I can't stress this enough, you really have to be passionate and it's important to be passionate because you show that you're passionate about the industry and you want to make a difference in that industry and you really want to shake it up.

Ad people might tell you that it's never going to happen and you're never going to get your dream job and just forget it and just, you know, get a job to pay the bills and all that stuff. But I'm here to tell you that you know, it can happen and it does happen and you just have to stay true to your vision and your goal. And it's really important to really stay true to yourself and see the end results in mind because when you get there, you'll be like you know what? I did it and I'm a testament to that, I got what I wanted and it was amazing. So, you know, don't give up, you can do it.