How to Create Synergy with Strategic Partners

Shirin Salemnia is Founder & CEO of PlayWerks Inc. ( In this video she discusses how to create synergy with strategic partners.

  1. Align yourself with your partners
  2. Share a common vision with your strategic partner
  3. Create a truly collaborative effort
  4. Be flexible to unforeseen challenges
  5. Celebrate & reward partners

I think it's important to be synergistically aligned with people that you partner with strategically. It's a really key thing because first of all, energetically, you have to be aligned, like you have to have the same vision in mind for your business. You have to have the same, like, I kind of tell people you're on this yellow brick road. So if you're not on the same page on this yellow brick road, then it's not going to work. So being clear about what you're, like, strategy is with a partner and then also aligning synergistically with them is really important and I can't stress out enough.

And the number one thing is, like, you have to have the same vision. So when you have a strategic partner being on the same page and like I said, this yellow brick road, you have to have the same vision because you don’t want to end up somewhere else and they’re still like curving like, into another part of this yellow brick road. You got to stay on this journey and path until the end and it’s really important that you’re like, collaborating and really truly on the same page. So, number one is the vision and number two would be really collaborating and both bring like the same energy and synergy to the same yellow brick road, basically.

And the next thing I would say is like you really have to be flexible. And there are all of these curved balls that come in and you know, somebody will try to throw you off the yellow brick road and take you on these different avenues and really like have different motives in line and it’s really important to stay flexible. See your vision and see it clearly and really make sure that you kind of have this goal of like this journey you want to go on, but be flexible because like you never know where you’re going to end up. And sometimes, you know, the road is curvy and it’s like challenging but it’s important to be open to it and staying true to your goals and your vision but you know, being open to where you’re going to end up because you still ultimately have that goal in mind. It’s really important.

And the biggest thing I would say is you have to celebrate. You know, celebrate your accomplishments and really reward yourself and your partners strategically because it’s important to share your accomplishments with your strategic partners because you’re already synergistically aligned and it’s important to have that like at the end of the day.