4 Insider Tips for Successful Strategic Partnerships

Shirin Salemnia is Founder & CEO of PlayWerks Inc. ( In this video she shares four insider tips for successful strategic partnerships.

  1. Define your target
  2. Build & maintain a strong bond
  3. Create a mutually beneficial relationship
  4. Share & openly communicate

I’m going to give you 4 tips for successful strategic partnerships and these are really important.

So I would say, number 1: make sure that you know who your target is and who you want to work with and who you are synergistically aligned with and that’s a really key thing to having a strategic partnership.

The next one is you really have to is you really have to build a relationship with the company and the people in the company and see yourself with this people potentially for two years, five years, may be even ten years. You never know. So make sure that you are really successfully and strategically aligned with the people and the company and you building a relationship and that’s really, really important.

And make sure that it’s a win-win situation for both parties because you never know like some people have other motives in mind and you have to be on the same page. So it’s important to have like win-win situation for both and you know you have to be flexible and you have to bring things to the table and they do too but make sure you’re on the same page.

And it’s important to really share you know your collaboration and really communicate and talk about where you want to end up and really be you know on the same page there too. It’s really key.

So I think those are really the four insider tips for a successful strategic partnership.