Keys to Prepping Your Resume for a Specific Position

Jason Nazar is CEO & Co-founder of Docstoc ( In this video he shares keys to prepping your resume for a specific position.

  1. Match past titles with current job title
  2. Customize resume bullet points to job description

Here are the keys to prepping your resume for a specific position. Most importantly your past job experience titles need to match up with the title of the job that you’re applying for. So if you’re applying for a VP of Marketing role it’s important that your past titles include VP of Marketing, CMO, Director of Marketing, Marketing Management. If you have titles that are unrelated about product and customer service it’s not going to make sense to the person looking at your resume that you’re the right fit for that job.

Number two, is make sure that you customize the bullet points in your resume to the specific job responsibilities and skills required. So read over that job in specific detail. There’s a reason why each one of those points are in there and either the person that’s directly hiring for that role or the person that created that role is going to rely on and HR Manager specifically put those in because they thought that was what most important for the role.

And if your resume demonstrates how your pass experience, accomplishments and skills exactly match up with every single one of those specific point in the job description, what’s going to happen is your resume will give the best shot of having you actually called in for a job interview to get the job you’re looking for.

These tips take time but making sure that customize your resume in this specific position that you’re applying for always help you stand out amongst the crowd because most candidates are just going to fire off their resume indiscriminately to hundreds of job positions.

And if you actually take the time to make that your resume matches the specific job and job description that you’re applying for you’re always going to have the best chance to getting the job.