A Guide to Succeeding in 2nd and 3rd Job Interviews

Jason Nazar is CEO & Co-founder of Docstoc (docstoc.com). In this video he shares a guide to succeeding in follow up job interviews.

  1. Address the requirements of the position
  2. Come in with an extensive understanding of the product or service
  3. Make it clear you are the top choice

Congratulations. You've actually made it to the 2nd or 3rd job interview. So now what do you do to make sure that you get the job? Well, to start off with in that 1st interview, you should have really clearly defined what was expected of you from that role. And so on the follow-up interview, you want to be in specific detail telling your hiring manager why you're the perfect fit for the role and each of the characteristics they said were important, each of the set of skills they said they were looking for, you should address why you are the perfect candidate for that position.

Next, do you want to make sure that you really master the product or service. So after you have a chance to come back to the organization, you probably learned a lot more about that company's product or that company's services that you may not have known before going into it. And what you want to do is you want to be able to simulate what it's like if you're actually in that job and hired, where you can have a really specific conversation about that product or service and get into detail. So your hiring manager feels like you're already part of the company and they can talk to you about anything and everything about that product and service.

And finally, make it really clear that that company is your number one choice. Don't straddle the fence. Make sure that you're hiring managers know that that company is your number one choice. Now, you may tell that to 5 or 10 different companies but you want every company and every hiring manager to feel like their company is the one that you want to be at most.

If you follow these steps in the 2nd and 3rd interview, you know you're in the final stages of the race and it's always going to help put you ahead with the rest of the candidates to make sure you're the one that gets the job.