Timeline for Following Up After a Job Interview

Bryce Maddock is CEO of TaskUs (www.taskus.com). In this video he shares a timeline for following up after a job interview.

  1. Day of: send a short, basic, thank you email
  2. Add 1 specific point to demonstrate engagement during interview
  3. Inquire about a possible timeline for a 2nd or 3rd interview
  4. 3 days after: send a handwritten thank you note
  5. Keep note light, personal, & free of business discussion
  6. 1 week after: call to check in (depends on circumstances)
  7. Calling keeps you fresh in their minds when it comes to hiring


So, in today's competitive job environment, following up is about the most important thing you can do after a job interview. The day of an interview, it's very important you send a thank you e-mail to demonstrate that you're gracious and thankful that the person took the time to interview.

Keep that e-mail short but add one point in which you demonstrate that you are listening to what the person said. This could be a personal point or business point, it doesn't really matter. It just needs to demonstrate that you're engaged during the interview process. And, lastly in this e-mail go ahead and ask for a time line during which you can expect to response about a second or third interview.

3 days after interview, go ahead and send a hand written note. Now this is a really, really nice touch. This, your gonna keep totally personal in life. Don't put anything about business in it. Just express your interest and position and your gratitude for them taking the time to interview you and potentially point out a few key facts that you learn.

Then about a week later, you're gonna go ahead and call to check in. Now, this time line may vary a little bit. If the person responded to your initial e-mail and said we're responding on you in 3 weeks, then wait 3 weeks to make a phone call. But, remember that a lack of response doesn't necessarily mean the lack of interest so this phone call is very, very important.

Recruiters are very, very busy people and going ahead and actually giving them a phone call puts you in their consciousness and this will bring you right to the front of the pack when it comes time to make a job position.

So, again today it's incredibly competitive to get a job but you can set yourself apart by following this very important time line when it comes to follow up.