Do Your Homework and Know Your Interviewer

Bryce Maddock is CEO of TaskUs ( In this video he talks about doing your homeworking and knowing your interviewer.

  1. Use LinkedIn for research & investigate any shared connections
  2. Use Google for extensive research
  3. Connect with current or former employees
  4. Casually use this information during the interview to build rapport


When you go into an interview, the more you know about the person about the person who's interviewing you, the better. So, start by researching the person who's gonna be doing the interview on LinkedIn and look for shared connections. Call those people on the phone and find out as much as you can about the person.

Now don't be afraid to use Google to your advantage as well. So, do online research and look for what college the person went to or previous jobs they've had really volunteer and their interest outside of work. Do they have a family? Learn as much about them as you possibly can.

Finally, connect with current and former employees who work for the employer that you're gonna be interviewing with and if you know who's gonna be interviewing you, find out what type of questions that person might ask and challenges they might post to you.

By integrating all of these information, you're gonna be able to use it in a very casual way inside the interview. To build a rapport with the interviewer very likely make, put you in advantageous position to get the job.