How to Leverage the Rookie Advantage in Business

In general, startups have the cards stacked against them. They are too small, underfunded and understaffed. That said, there IS one advantage to being a startup.

The Rookie Advantage

  • Being able to surprise people with the unexpected.
  • You can compete with larger competition by being unpredictable.
  • Acting as an unknown entity allows you the freedom to pivot at will.
  • Always evolve your approach.

If you find success by leveraging the Rookie Advantage, be sure not to become complacent and repetitive as a result. As soon as you fall into a set rhythm, you are dissolving the Rookie Advantage and allowing your competition to size you up and predict your next moves accordingly. No matter how big your businesses may become, always remain a rookie at heart and you will be able to find success where others cannot.