4 Pro Tips for Dealing with Your Fear of Public Speaking

Natasha Samuels is a Networking and Public Speaking Expert (lansamuels@hotmail.com). In this video she shares 4 pro tips for dealing with your fear of public speaking.

  1. Speak on a topic you truly know
  2. Rehearse your speech over & over
  3. Determine who you'll be speaking to
  4. Don't allow a mistake to derail you


One of the number one questions I’m asked when coaching is how to overcome that fear of public speaking. Most people are actually afraid of standing in front of a crowd. So here are four key tips to overcome that.

Number one, know your topic really well. Don’t speak about something you don’t know. Talk about what you do know and when you are going to stand up and talk about it, do your research.

Number two, once you’ve prepared your speech, you know what you’re going to be talking about, practice, practice, practice. Be prepared because once you’ve practiced, you know it and you’re comfortable with it.

Third, prepare for the audience. Do a little research about who’s going to be in the audience. What kind of people are going to be there? Are you speaking to sales people? Are you speaking to parents? What is the interest of that crowd?

Finally, if you make a mistake while you’re standing up there and you’re speaking whether you slightly go off your script then admit the mistake. It’s no big deal. We all make mistakes. Admit it and move on with the solution, go forward.

In summary, keep these four key tips in mind when you are having to deal with your own fear of public speaking.