A Bulletproof Strategy for Great Sales Meetings

Natasha Samuels is a Networking and Public Speaking Expert (lansamuels@hotmail.com). In this video she shares a bulletproof strategy for great sales meetings.

  1. Plan your goals
  2. Research all details ahead of time
  3. Be flexible with your approach
  4. Plan or request a follow-up


A great sales meeting is critical especially for an entrepreneur. A meeting can be ultimately resulting into a sale, into just a referral or simply a great impression on that person you met with. So before you get to the meeting, first of all, know your goals. Know what you want to accomplish in the meeting.

Secondly, be prepared. Do your research. Know who’s going to be at the meeting. If you can ask someone, find out. Know the location, know that company. Know wherever it is that you’re going. Know what you’re walking into as much as you can because, third, you won’t know everything.

So when you get there, adapt. Adapt is needed. Be prepared that you’re going to maybe have to change your strategy, change the words you’re planning to use, and ultimately, because you’ve been able to change in the situation, follow up. Have a follow-up scheduled whether it’s an actually phone call, it’s a letter, it’s a FedEx later on because someone wants an immediate answer, be prepared to follow up and ask them for a follow-up if it’s something they need to get back to you because you want to have a great sales meeting every time no matter what you do and you want to always hear what your customer has to say.