3 Pro Tips for Great Customer Service

Natasha Samuels is a Networking and Public Speaking Expert (lansamuels@hotmail.com). In this video she shares 3 pro tips for great customer service.

  1. Genuinely listen to the customer
  2. Admit to any mistake & apologize
  3. Always work the SOLUTION


Great customer service will translate into great sales and ultimately great referrals which therefore come back around to great sales. When you listen to a customer first of all, that’s number one. Hear what your customer has to say. Listen to their words. Listen to their ideas, suggestions. Sometimes you’ll learn something from them.

Secondly, admit to a mistake. If you do something wrong, whatever that is whether the product didn’t work right, you got the address wrong, it doesn’t matter. Admit it. Apologize and move on because ultimately, work your solution. Don’t work the problem. Find the solution. Work it with the customer. Get it right, so when you leave that customer, you have a great recommendation from that person because you connected with them and what’s remembered is the solution.

So great customer service is all about giving the customer what they need and listening to what they have to say.