4 Secrets to Making a Great First Impression in Business

Natasha Samuels is a Networking and Public Speaking Expert (lansamuels@hotmail.com). In this video she shares 4 secrets to making a great first impression in business.

  1. Wait for the right opportunity
  2. Maintain good eye contact
  3. Extend a solid handshake
  4. Connect, compliment, ask & follow-up


Four tips to making a great first impression. You have 30 seconds when you meet someone to make that first impression.

So first of all, wait for the right opportunity. If it’s someone you’ve never met before, ideally you’ll be introduced to them. Then when you look at them, make eye contact. Connect with the person. You’ve never met them before. Your eyes are saying hello.

Third, giving nice firm handshake. Don’t break their hand. Don’t have that squishy handshake, but a nice firm handshake says, “I mean business. I want to get to know something about you.” And finally, connect with them. Find a way to connect and complement them in something that they have seed their business whoever they are and then ask Google question. Ask something that allows them to talk about themselves. People love to talk about themselves.

And finally, find an opportunity to follow up with that person. Whether it’s an e-mail, or phone call and letter, reconnect to make sure that you have to close that first impression with that person. Using all of these tips together, we give you the opportunity to have made a great first impression when you first meet someone.