Making Sure Your Voice is Heard at Your Company

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 ( In this video he talks about making sure your voice is heard at your company.

  1. Openly express your opinions
  2. Find someone who can speak for you
  3. Google 10%: work beyond your responsibilities
  4. Complete your task & improve the end result

So, if you’re not a founder or not a Senior Executive of a company but you’re an important employee or important part of it. And you really want to find a way to get your voice heard. You know, that’s, that’s really kind of give you a lot of satisfaction in your job.

And so, the first and fore most thing which sound obvious but maybe not. Speak up like tell people what you’re thinking. Tell people your ideas. Tell people what you do like, what you don’t like. Speak up.

And then find a champion. There’s going t be someone in that company that is at the senior table that has the voice with the executive team or the management team ad get that person to buy in to your ideas. And let them champion them for you f you don’t have that vice yet.

I’d like to talk about the Google 10% is really the Google 110%, right? You’ve got to put a 100% into your job that you do everything a task of you. But that extra 10%, do what they d to Google and spends them on other things. Things that you’re interested in, things you think might help the compact and present that.

If you come to the table with hey, I did my job, here’s what I was asked. And I did this other little project that I think is pretty cool and might have actually helped us grow tis part of the business. They’re going to really see that as something special and maybe even like a run with that project.

So, think that’s a really good strategy to Google putting in place and I-- I encourage you to use that.

And then finally, do what you think is best I just for your ads. And what I mean by that is look at the ten, the task in front of the lunges. Say, yes, I could put that black dot here and make it exactly how they’ve asked me to do it. Or I kind of get the sense of what they’re trying to do. And I’m going to go a little bit further and do what I think is best for that. And you’re going to have better results if you really think through, what the goal is and not with the task is.

And that’s going to help you get your voice heard at a company if you’re not a founder or a Senor executive.