The Importance of Understanding Your Motivation: Passion vs. Money

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 ( In this video he discusses the importance of understanding your motivation: Passion vs. Money.

  1. It's obvious if you're not passionate
  2. Others will gravitate to your passion
  3. Stay grounded with your idea

So people are motivated by different things. I think there are people that are motivated by money and there are people that are motivated by passion or excitement. I’m one of those people that’s motivated by passion. And I found that the places I make the most money are in the areas that I’m passionate about. And so when I approach a startup or a project or even any initiative within my company I look at it from the perspective of, “Is this a business?” or, “Is this an initiative that I can be passionate about that I am passionate about?”

Well, that will lead to money versus looking at it from the perspective of, “Oh, this is an initiative that can make money, and maybe I could be passionate about it.” And lack of passion is transparent, right?

So if you’re not passionate about something people are going to see right through that whether they can articulate that or not. On the flipside, excessive passion is infectious, and I’m definitely in this camp. I found that if you’re really truly passionate about something people will get on board, they don’t even need to know what your passion about. They just want to be part of it.

And finally, be logical and realistic. I gave an example, if your passion about picking rocks, right? There is no business model there. So if you are trying to make money you obviously have to have a real business, but do something that you love. Do something that you are excited about and that will lead to money.

Those are a couple of key things about understanding their difference, and like I said not everybody agrees with that strategy but that’s mine and it worked for me.