3 Tips for Managing Board Meetings

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 ( In this video he shares 3 tips for managing board meetings.

  1. Be overly prepared
  2. Have complete confidence in yourself
  3. Stick to your guns


OKay. So, first of all let me carve you up by saying I really, I'm not that interested in board meetings. I don't really care for them that much but if you have a company and you've raise money certainly or your off size, you're gonna have a board and you need to manage the board.

And, I found that there really is just a couple of things sort of 3 things that I have for managing boards. And that is, come with a clearly well-thought out articulated plan. Like, know what you wanna say, have it backed up with some good data, some research, come with that plan.

Be very confident about what you're saying. If you are coming to plan, say I believe in this. This is what we're gonna do.

And then finally don't waiver like, we're doing this and that's that and here's why and you know in the end you're probably gonna tweak that, you're gonna pay and you're gonna shift, that was the start ups are all about? But, in a board meeting they wanna see that you have a well-thought out plan and that you are confident about it and you don't wanna get in a situation where your board is running in circles about what you might do or should do or aren't sure about. And, so those are just 3 tips. There's probably a lot more but if you have those 3 things your board meetings will go a heck of a lot better.