What are UX & UI and Why They Are Vital

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 (leads360.com). In this video he talks about what UX & UI are and why they are vital.

  1. UX: how people interact with your product
  2. UI: what your product looks like
  3. Drives adoption & retention
  4. Offers a structure to build on
  5. Hides possible problems or glitches


So, more than many occassions I've been called a pixel Nazi and I actually, I like being called at. I think it's really important and basically what that means to me is that I'm really passionate and focused on UX and UI. And, what that means is UX is very simply user experience and it's essentially how people interact with your product. And, UI is the actual user interface. What does your product look like? And, those 2 components are critical to having a great product and I'll give you examples why.

First of all it drives adaption and retention, right? If people are using your product and it's very easy and clean and comfortable, their gonna adapt it faster, their gonna stick around longer. It also provides a framework for new feature so everytime you wanna build something new, you have a structure. You know how that fits into the other features that are there and an old co-founder of mine at another company once said you don't wanna end up with a product that's a Frankenstein. And, that's what happens if you don't have a framework or structure to insert new features into.

And then, one other thing that having good UX and UI does which may not sound so great but it is, you can conceal weak spots. Your product is always gonna have weak spots. You're gonna bugs and you're gonna have problems and that's okay but if you have great UI you can cover those up a iittle bit and give you some sort of breathing room to fix those things.

So, for me UX, UI, the experience, the way of product looks is absolutely essential and I encourage you to follow some of these guidelines and to be a pixel Nazi yourself and really make sure that's core to your product.