Human Resources

How & Why to Build Great Company Culture

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 ( In this video he discusses how and why to build great company culture.

  1. Helps push motivation
  2. Retains talent
  3. Gives the company an identity
  4. Maximize the office layout & design
  5. Provide group activities outside the office
  6. First employees should feel like founders


So, there's many books have been written on the subject of culture and I think every entrepreneur will tell you it's important. I personally think it might be the most important aspect of building a new company and it's because it accomplishes a lot of things.

First of all it drives motivation. If the culture is good, people are motivated to work hard. It retains talent. If the people are excited about where they're working and the culture is awesome then they're gonna stick around.

And, it builds an identity. It creates a style of the company what you're about, who you are, what you do, and people wanna be part of an organization that has some kind of identity. And then, in terms of how you do that the office space is really important right? People don't wanna go to a drag boring office with, you know, nothing on the walls or those juicy motivational posters on the walls, don't do that. You know, make a place that's fun and exciting. They're gonna be there for a lot of hours like you want some place cool.

Do group activities. You know go out and have drinks with your employees. Bring food in, do events, like spend the money to make feel like a team like it's their home away from home.

And, make your first early employees. Make them feel like founders, right? They may not be founders but they wanna feel like they are contributing much more than just their job and their role. They are really helping drive and build the culture. Like to them it's their company. When you have employees feel that way, they're gonna kill themselves for you. And, that's been my experience and that's, you know, why building company culture is key and how I've got about doing it.