4 Secrets to Motivating Software Engineers

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 (leads360.com). In this video he shares 4 secrets to motivating software engineers.

  1. Make sure they're constantly challenged
  2. Supply them with everything they might need
  3. Outfit them with great UI
  4. Be clear on your goals & desires


A software engineer is if you're building a product company, your engineers are gonna be probably the most important people. So, you obviously wanna get great enginners but you have to keep them motivated and it's a ful time job doing that so I have 4 secrets that I'll share with you about motivating these guys.

You gotta give them challenging projects. If the projects are week and not fun and challengin, they're not gonna be excited. And so, yes there's always gonna be some simple little boring things that you do. You can mix those in and they'll those but you've gotta focus on the big challenging things to keep them excited.

Second, I'll go back to something I said before. Food is critical. So, keep these guys happy and drinking and eating good food, give them a great chair. Do not skip on the chair and a good computer. If they want a Mac, give them a great Mac. If they want a PC, give them that. If they want dual monitors which they will or 3, get them a 3. That will make a huge impact. So, those are the couple of things.

And then, get them great UI. I found that engineers really want to layer their work, they're back-end work with something looks great in the front and most engineers are just not good with that. So, either do it yourself if you know how to or bring on someone that can give them a great front-end to their back-end. It kinda completes the puzzle for them.

And, don't change your mind half baked, right. You obviously need to be able to be flexible in your business right. You're gonan pivot and do all that stuff and they get that. But, don't come in there with half baked ideas and keep changing their mind and changing what their doing. It's really gonna frustrate them so if you wanna change, that's fine. But, go on there with a very well thought out plan and do it as infrequently as as you have to.

And, with those 4 secrets to motivating software engineers I think you're gonna have really happy guys that working hard, building great stuff.