Human Resources

3 Tips for Recruiting Your First Superstar Employees

Jeff Solomon is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Leads360 ( In this video he shares 3 tips for recruiting your first

  1. Convey your vision & sell that
  2. Refer to recommendations first
  3. Always trust your instincts


Most people probably know that the people that are in your company are the life blood. And so, I think that the first few people that you hire are the most essencial and here are 3 of my tips to recruiting your first superstars.

Sell the vision, not the role right? So, these people are buying into the vision, the big grand exciting thing no the specific job role and description that you have for them to do. So, sell the vision.

Get referrals, not resumes. You can run it out of Craigslist. You can run it out of Monster. You can do all these stuff or else you're just gonna get a bunch of resumes but really for those first few people, get someone to refer for the role and you're gonna end up with a way better class of person.

And then finally, go with your gut and this is just -- you hear this a lot but it's been sort of a go to strategy for me, you know, don't necessarily trust your head. Your gut is gonna give you really good insight especially for those first few people that you need them to be superstars all around. Not just really good at a particular job function. And, I think with those 3 tips you're gonna really get some great people early on and they're gonna define the future of your company.