3 Tips for Better Employee Relationships

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business (westsiderentals.com). In this video he shares 3 tips for better employee relationships.

  1. Learn about them personally
  2. Define the line between business & personal
  3. Include them in the company's growth

Three tips for better employee relationship.

Number one, when I’ve started my business, I didn’t care about my employees. You got to learn about the employees. Learn about them. Find out if they have kids, Find out where they grew up. It’ll give you such a better relationship.

You got to remember that with employees, they’re employees, they’re not your friends and every time I started a business, I thought they’re my friends. I bring the employees over at my house. They’re bonuses were always talked about in goof off time. Yu can’t do that. You have to have that line between boss and employee that can’t be forgot. You’re gin ti forget it, try not to.

And then, make sure to taka bot your employee’s growth with the company. As your company is growing, the employees got to be a part of that. And has a business person who was terrible when I started. That was one of my weaknesses. I would forget that the employee also wanted to make more money. And you got to remind yourself, they’re thinking about their paycheck, too. And so, I think as an employer, remind yourself the employees are just as important as you.

My tip for better employee relationship is you got to remind yourself how important those employees are. You forget that, you think you’re doing everything. Your employees are your greatest asset and too many times, we forget about that as the business soar. Because do not forget, without these employees, your business will fail. So, you got to remember. Keep that employee relationship strong. Learn about them. Define the line between person-- business person you get. They are not your friends, remind yourself of that and make sure they grow with the company. They got to succeed. Everyone is a lot happier when you win, they win and also when you lose, they lose.