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Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know their Goals

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business ( In this video he talks about why every business owner needs to know their goals.

  1. Not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur
  2. Money isn't always the final objective
  3. Clearly define your goals


I think every business owner, really when they get in business they need to know their goals. I mean there's so many points that you start a business on but you gotta know where you're going with it and what are you hoping to deliver.

Being an entrepreneur, number one are business owner isn't for everybody. I think when you get in you gotta get in your mind that something beyond making money. It's gotta be something that matters, something that it's very important to you so you gotta define where you're going with that. I mean are you gonna deliver the best service? Whatever it is you gotta think in your mind I gotta have a goal. What am I going after? Am I the best at whatever it is, am I the best coffee or whatever person is into it. Am I the best? So, you gotta clearly to find your path and what you're hoping to obtain? What are you trying to convince people of? Too many times when you get into business, people don't know their goals. You gotta know exactly what you're trying to obtain.