Why You Need to Listen to Your Mentors

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business (westsiderentals.com). In this video he discusses why you need to listen to your mentors.

  1. They've earned their status for a reason
  2. Be sure to always follow through
  3. Genuinely listen to their advice


I think why you need to listen to your mentor is there are mentor for a reason. I mean you gotta listen to him or you can't keep, seeking out their advice. Too many kids come up and they say hey I want you to be my mentor. You give them advice, sound advice that you seen work and they don't listen and then you don't want them, you know, you don't want to mentor them anymore.

So, you're a mentor for a reason. You've gotten there, you've follow the path that's successful so kids need to listen to that. And, I think your mentor is trying to be helpful and also the follow up through it the key. If you're gonna have a mentor and you're gonna seek his advice, you gotta follow through on it. You gotta listen, you gotta keep more abreast to the situation you're in and if you come over and you seek out advice, you need to listen to it. So, too many times with kids when they have mentors, they forget the mentor is a mentor for a reason.

As a mentor, I think the kids I like to follow are the ones who listen to the advice. So, if you have and you're fotunate to have a strong mentor, listen to his advice. Take it. They failed to many different businesses or different occassions where they've messed up. If you're seeking their advice, listen to it and follow it. I mean make sure you follow what they're saying because they're not just giving out advice to see you fail. They wanna be involved in your success.