Finding Your Strong Suits in Business

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business ( In this video he talks about finding your strong suits in business.

  1. Explore many different career paths
  2. Find a way to match your passion & career
  3. Listen to your mentor's advice


I think finding a strong suits in business gotta be the reason you get in business. I mean, I'm a C student. I'm just dying to get on high school and just barely survive college. But, it was something like, what am I good at, with sales? And, so define, explore every business but find the business you're great at. What's your passion? What are you gonna go out? If you're a great sales person you better get something in both sales.

Also, I think to me don't forget you gotta find something you truly enjoy. What do you really enjoy and what do you go after and it can't be sports 'cause nobody is gonna pay you to be at sports.

And then also, when you're going into this business, you gotta listen to people. As much as it's crazy, at one point you gotta listen to people.

Now, finding your strong suits in business I think is a key to identifying what business you're gonna be in. And, everybody has a something, a strength that's better than most businessman who are very successful. Find that and go with it. I mean really you gotta find out your strength and go with that.