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4 Secrets to Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business ( In this video he shares 4 secrets to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

  1. Have an unbridled passion
  2. Over deliver on everything
  3. Compete with the leaders in your industry
  4. You must live & breathe your business


If I was gonna sit down and I wanted to deliver the secrets to succeeding as an entrepreneur, the first one that I alway says, it's gotta be passion. You gotta have passion for your business that is almost psychotic. And, really being an entrepreneur you gotta be a little psychotic.

The next one is and I've always loved this, you gotta overdeliver for your customer. Whatever it is, over do it.

I think people forget when you're an entrepreneur, you're in competition. You gotta compete constantly to be your best and it's gotta be a competition not with the guy next door who's doing the similar business. It's gotta be with the 4 seasons. It's gotta be with a 5 star restaurant. I mean, you look at the top companies and they overdeliver for their customers. When they have a refund, they overdeliver on that. They make sure every customer is happy and if you're gonna do it, you gotta live it, you're gonna breathe it, and it's gotta be something that's beyond psychotic. People hate that word but as you're gonna be an entrepreneur we got a little thing that's a little off about us.

I think my secrets to succeeding as an entrepreneu, it's really gotta be something that -- I mean I love being an entrepreneur but people who wanna get in and start their own business, they really gotta have that, just passion for it. And, I mean I would never doing anything else. I would refused almost to work for somebody but as an entrepreneur you gotta dive in and it's gotta be, this is gotta be everything you have. It's gotta be your passion and you really gotta understand that before you start your business.