Finding Your Glare-Spot or Weakness in Business

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business ( In this video he talks about finding your glare-spot or weakness in business.

  1. Honestly assess your weaknesses
  2. Try to improve or hire someone else


I think finding your glare-spot or kinda your weakness in business is something people forget. All of us have this major weak spots and we all struggle like what is it? For me, I'm not an accounting guy. My wife is a CPA so when I find out right off the bat is I was not great at paying bills. I was not great looking at the bank account everyday. I just knew that I can make money. I go out and make money but I wasn't great at paying my vendors and making sure they got paid on time.

So, you really have to assess your weakness. Find out what you don't do well. And, to me entrepreneur think they can do everything, you can't and you have to remind yourself I have a weakness, I gotta identify it maybe -- I'm not a sales person. Find a sales person, hire the sales person.

If you can work on your weakness and that's a tough one. Because, sometimes people aren't just, they just naturally not social or they don't know how to, like I can't. I will never bill the balance of checkbook. So, at one point you can work on your weakness or hire someone else to do it.

I think you gotta remember all of us have serious glare-spots. Serious weaknesses and I think the ones who are successful, identify those. I mean those guys who understand their weaknesses and they hire somebody else.