Human Resources

Keys to Finding a Mentor in Business

Mark Verge is Founder of Westside Rentals & Perfect Business ( In this video he talks about some keys to finding a entor in business.

  1. Seek out a mutually beneficial partnership
  2. Have a genuine interest
  3. Find a real connection


For me, I just always thought it was so exciting to see people whose successful going up and finding mentors, it was kind of the goal. So when I meet young people, I tell them the importance of having a mentor. They’re going to be a guiding factor in your life and it’s got to be something, it’s got to be a win-win. Too many times, you get approached someone wants to be, say, “Hey, can you be my mentor?” It’s got to be for the right reason.

So when you go to find a mentor, make it a win-win. Find the common ground but also take an interest in that person. Listen to them. Hear their story over and over again and make sure you like them. It’s got to be someone you enjoy because you can’t fake that. You want to go and see him. You want to report how your business is going and they find it exciting.

So if you can find that mentor, it’s going to guide you like you can’t believe because they take an interest in you and you have an interest in them.