Your Guide to Dressing for a job interview

Jason Nazar is CEO & Co-founder of Docstoc ( In this video he gives some pointers on dressing for a job interview.

  1. Dress as your inner rockstar
  2. Know the dress code culture
  3. Overdress, unless...
  4. Dress a notch above the staff


How do you dress for success at your job interview? Make sure that you bring out your inner rock star. The way that we dress really can change the way you feel better yourself so much. And, other people will see and pick up on that. So, imagine the most important day of your life whatever that maybe, a business meeting, a wedding, a super important date, how would you wanna dress that day to feel the absolute best about yourself and to impress the person or persons that you're gonna with. Dess that way for every job interview because when we feel great about ourselves, it's gonna come off to others in that job interview process.

The next is to understand your company's dress code culture. So, when you go into an environment maybe they're wearing suits and ties or maybe they're wearing t-shirts and jeans because it's an internet start up and you wanna understand what that company culture is like so that you fit in on those situations.

Which leads to my last point and it's the very common attitude that you should always over dress for an interview whenever gonna go wrong. But, in some cases you don't wanna over dress. Because, if going into a company where you stand out because of the way you dress and over dress, puts a little bit of a barrier between you and your hiring manager, that might not necessarily help your case. So, what's probably more important these days than over dressing is to understand how other people dress on a daily basis what your hiring manager should be wearing and wear something similar or a little better so there's a sense of a rapport and comradery in that interview process.

If you follow all those steps on how to make yourself feel good and reflectable on others than the way you dress will give you an advantage on that job interview process.