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Tips for Researching a Company

Jason Nazar is CEO & Co-founder of Docstoc ( In this video he shares some tips for researching a company.

  1. Conduct research online
  2. Talk to current employees
  3. Also utilize social networks
  4. Become intimately familiar with their product or service

One of the biggest mistakes that we make in the job interview process is not being prepared enough about knowing about the company they were going to interview for. And, for me personally it's a huge red flag when somebody comes into my office and they don't know even the basics about our company. That's a problem that's very easily solved.

So, first off do a lots of online research. Go to Google News. Look at press clippings, read the press and online reporst about that company for the last couple of years. Even if it's a private company you can often find very intimate data like their revenues, their company culture, and also different important points.

The second is, talk to people who work in the company and find out what it's like and the most important things about the company. And, even if you don't know somebody at the company you can always use social media like LinkedIn or Facebook and reach out to people who work at those companies which you can very easily search for and just let somebody know hey I'm coming to an interview with this company. Would be okay if I talk to you about 5 minutes ahead of time to see what it's like.

And, finally have a personal connection with a product or service. If you're applying to an internet company, make sure you use that internet site in detail and you become a power user. If you're applying to a comapny that sells physical products, make sure that you use that physical product in your daily life. If you're applying to a company that provides a service, have bought and paid for that service. And, by going into the interview having that personal connection with the product or service and by doing research on the company and by talking to people that have all ready worked there, you are absolutely gonna put yourself so far ahead of the game of all the other people that come for that same job position.