Secrets to Finding Your Dream Job

Jason Nazar is CEO and Co-Founder of Docstoc ( In this video, he discusses secrets to finding your dream job.

  1. Determine who you aspire to be like
  2. Choose your favorite companies
  3. Hard work is the key to secure that position


The million dollar question is if you want your dream job but you're not sure what you wanna do, how do you go about that process. So, there are 3 recommendations I have.

The first is start with other people. Who's got a professional life and career that you would love to have. He's maybe friends of yours or acquaintances or even people in your family but simply try to emulate them and their process. So, regardless of whatever your skills are, point to something you need to say I'd like to have their job or their career, their professional life and see what their path is and see how you can start to emulate those steps.

The second is start with the companies you wanna work for. So, before you worry about your job title or your job description, just think of what kind of companies you would love to work at. I had a good friend that when he was graduating college. Didn't know specifically what he wanna do but knew that he wanted to be at this one specific really hot internet start up. And, he just did all these things to really impress them that they felt that he almost create a role just to hire him into. And, he eventually grew into the ideal job description that was right for him.

Which leads to my last point which is you can always earn your way into the job of your dreams. Even if you're not sure exactly what you wanna do. If you find a great company that you wanna work out where you feel like it'll give you the potential to have a professional life you want. Be willing to start at any level at any compensation and if you do a great job there and you're clearly defying what the people that hired you where the criteria for a success and agree upfront that you wanna be on the path to have this kind of job title on this kind of compensation, you can always earn your way in to the job of your dreams.