Secrets to Creating a Cover Letter That Will Get You Noticed

Jason Nazar is CEO & Co-founder of Docstoc ( In this video he shares secrets to creating a cover letter that will get you noticed.

  1. A little goes a long way
  2. Personalize it to each specific recipient
  3. Stand out by being visually different


There are 3 ways to always make your cover letter better than everybody else. The first is less is more. Hiring managers don't wanna get a cover letter that's a full page long and read multiple paragraphs, we're all too busy. And, in most cases if you have a very long cover letter, it's gonna get discarded.

The second is make that cover letter personal, make it personal, make it personal. The trick is you don't actually wanna talk about yourself in your cover letter. You wanna talk about the person that's hiring you or you wanna talk about their company. What we're all most interested in is ourselves. And, if in a cover letter you can come up with an anecdote or a story or a reference to your hiring managers, blog post, or a time that you met, or something that's personal and identifiable. And, if you don't know your hiring manager, the person that's gonna be hiring and interviewing you, make it about that company. It's always gonna stand out from just having a long set of paragraphs talking about yourself.

And, the last is try to make your cover letter visually differentiated. So, what do we mean by that? Put a drawing of a stick figure on your cover letter. Put it in an all red background. Do anything that actually makes that document stand out visually from everybody else's cover letter and they'll give you a better chance of having it read in the first place because most cover letters are probably just discarded upfront.