How to Address Problems in the Workplace

Jason Nazar is CEO & Co-founder of Docstoc ( In this video he discusses how to address problems in the workplace.

  • Determine if problem is a priority & accept it may not be
  • Address the issue & hold someone accountable for solution
  • Take charge if you are able to resolve the problem


No matter how successful how an organization looks from outside, once you get in it, it got its scars, pot holes, problems, and issues. And, any employee that works in any company is gonna tell you the issues of that company. So, what are the best ways to address those?

Well, to start off with an start up or small business. We know that there's a tiny amount of things that we do that actually make a difference. So, just because there is an issue, it doesn't mean it's something that should be worked on. So, first of agree, it's a top priority if it's an urgent issue. And, if it's not, be okay with the fact that there are gonna be some processes broken. There are gonna be some things that won't work so that we can focus on other things that are more important.

If it is a top priority and it's something that you should fix but you don't have the ability to do it yourself, make sure the person whether that's your manager, your co-worker, or the person that reports to you that can fix it, understands it, takes accountability for it, and then remind them and hold them accountable for fixing that issue. So, if something is on fire and you can't fix it raise on your hand and say it's on fire, we need to fix this issue.

And, finally if it's an issue that you can fix yourself, raise your hand and say I'm gonna take care of this. Don't wait for somebody else to come fix that issue or problem. If you got the ability to fix and improve a process or something urgently important that's blocking the top priority of your company, just take responsibility.

And, if we follow those 3 steps even though we always know there's gonna be an issues and scars and pot holes and problems inside the organizations, we'll always be more successful.