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Should I Leave My Career & Pursue a Doctorate?

Adam Kaufman is General Manager at dLife Healthcare Solutions ( In this video he talks about leaving your career to pursue a doctorate.

  1. A PhD is prep for an academic career
  2. Beneficial for switching career paths

I was about 5 years into my career. I’d worked in an incubator, I had run an e-commerce company and I decided to go back to grad school to do my Ph.D. in Economics. I think I had sort of loft of your dreams that this was going to let me just sort of think and what I realized is and for those of you who are thinking about it, if you are not considering your careers academic, it’s probably not the right decision to go back and do a Ph.D.

Most of your Ph.D. will be pre-professional training to be in academic -- how to right research papers, how to teach. Things that are very interesting, but if you know you don’t want to do it it’s probably not worth doing.

And I think it’s probably an example of the larger question of, you know, when and if you should pursue more education. You know, If you are thinking of changing your direction or changing your field, it may make sense, but in general school is about helping you do something specific.

So if that’s something you’re thinking about doing, It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to end up doing it afterwards. I actually didn’t go into academics after I finished, but if you are not considering that, there are probably better ways to advance your career to learn something and to gain the skills than going back for a specific degree.