Human Resources

Building a Shared Vision with Your Team

Adam Kaufman is General Manager at dLife Healthcare Solutions ( In this video he talks about building a shared vision with your team.

  1. Articulate goals clearly
  2. Breakdown goals into specifics
  3. Individual ownership of objectives
  4. Accept that your vision will change


So, I've worked both in the number of large companies. Start ups that were other people's vision and my own start ups and critical to success in any of them is really the fact that those teams share a vision about where you're going and probably even more importantly than where you're going, what it takes to get there?

So, the entrepreneur's role is to clearly articulate that vision. What do you wanna achieve? How is that gonna change the world? What impact is that gonna make? But, then you need to break that down into specifics so if you say look we wanna build the best website to engage this particular audience. That's a vision but then was does that mean? Is that about signing up members? Is that about getting more traffic?

And, then you need to let each member of the team own the objectives it takes to get there. So, is that about getting PR? Well, let them own what it means to get that kind of recognition. Let them own what it means because that's how you confirm that they share that vision with you 'cause they've been able to reduce it to what does that mean in their own space, in their own objectives.

So, it's critically important that you have that shared vision but you have to let go a little bit and let them own it enough so that in what they say back to you, there's a confirmation that it works.

And then lastly, it's gonna change. So, build a dialog with the teams so that they know when it's changing and they know what that means.

So, in summary you know that shared vision that everyone has is not gonna be exact but it's important that you all have, you know, pointing towards the same direction and then more importantly probably is that is, you know, specified and what that means for each individual.