4 Reasons to Use Hosted Live Support Chat on Your Website

Ben Tao is CEO of Extra Lunch Money (extralunchmoney.com). In this video he shares 4 reasons to use hosted live support chat on your website.

  1. Receive real-time monitoring & feedback
  2. Offer in-depth customer support
  3. Get instant product feedback
  4. Build strong brand awareness & loyalty

Live support chat is a great way to interact with your customers and potential customers. And for those of you who aren’t familiar of live support or chat is it is a way for you put a snippet of code on your page and people can actually click on it and chat with you directly. So, you have an admin interface where you can interact and chat with them on a real time basis. So, the great thing is there’s a lot benefits to having a system like this.

The biggest one or the first one is you get real time monitoring and feedback in terms of information about your customers. You can see information like what country you’re coming from, were they referred from, what page their looking on. So, you can see what the majority of people who come to your site, what they’re interested in.

The second thing is it’s a great way to offer in-depth customer support. By having this thing on there, a lot of times people don’t want to spend looking for a phone number or trying o find the support e-mails. So, if you can just put, start chatting, hey what’s going on? And they have prompt you can respond directly to them and offer great support.

What that does too is it allows you to get immediate product feedback. You can see what’s working and what’s not working. People are going to say, hey, I couldn’t find the payment page, where is it, then you could direct oh, it’s right here and then you know as designer and the builder off to your sites saying hey, we need to focus n making the payment more clear. So, it’s a great way to start finding out where you have issues and where you can improve your products.

And then, you know, getting that feedback is really good but interacting with these people is even better because you can start building brand of awareness and loyalty. When you people get that type of the media feedback, they will remember that. If you will remember when they don’t get their answers to their questions answered.

So, if you can provide great feedback and support for them and their issues, they’re going to want to stick around and that can gain you more sales, more potential users, you know, whatever good things that you’re hoping to get ad for your site.

So, hopefully, by using a real time hosted chat system, you can start building that type of loyalty and really growth in your business.