Increase Your Productivity by Hiring an Offshore Personal Assistant

By: Ben Tao

Ben Tao is CEO of Extra Lunch Money ( In this video he discusses increasing your productivity by hiring an offshore personal assistant.

  1. Determine what tasks a PA could do
  2. Research applicants with Elance or Google
  3. Create a way to vet potential applicants
  4. Offer "test tasks" to evaluate skill level
  5. Hire the best applicant on a trial basis

An offshore personal assistant can help you do a lot of things. And if you're not familiar with it, an offshore personal assistant is really from someone who can help you with your day to day task who probably not based on the United States if you're based here. People in India, the Philippines, they are always looking for work and they're actually quite capable in English. And so by leveraging their talents, you can actually get a lot more done in the day, which can free up time or help you start focusing more on your business or whatever is important to you. So hopefully, I'll give you some tips that you can actually use to -- increasing your productivity using one of these people.

First thing, you got to sit down and determine what task would you want an offshore personal assistant to do for you. And, what are the tasks that they could do that could help free up a lot of your time which are easily trainable.

Second thing is the research applicant. So where can you find these offshore personal assistants? There are sites like which is a good resource for finding people who are into personal assistance or virtual assistance. The other thing you can do is just Google personal assistant offshore or Google virtual assistant. You'll find tons of places to start looking through.

After you find some applicants, the next thing you should do is really come up with a good way to vet these applicants. Find out you know, read their resumes, e-mail them, look at them holistically. So, are they responding well to your e-mails, how's your communication? And then even more importantly, what we like to do is to create simple test task to evaluate their skills. So create task that you can actually measure, that are somewhat related to the tasks that you're going to give. So, if one of the goals is to write or summarize a product, have them summarize a product, just in a couple of sentences. Don't make them do a ton of work, just have them do a little snippet so you can start using that to compare other applicants who might be interested in applying for your personal assistant.

After you have done all of that, hire whoever you think is best but make sure when you hire them hire them on a trial basis. Just say, "Hey, I want to do it for 3 weeks. Let's see how it works out and see where it goes". So this way, you have a way, if things don't work out, you can let them go and if you like them, you can continue on but at least you are not committed to something or locked in to something.

So by following these tips, hopefully you can find the right offshore assistant to work with you so they can take some of your tasks off your plate so you can really focus on growing your business.