Getting the Most Out of Conferences

Shai Stern is Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services ( In this video he talks about getting the most out of conferences.

  1. Choose the best conference & don't overspend
  2. Set clear objectives
  3. Have solid follow-up


In order to get the most out of a conference, there are really are three things. Number one, know which conference is the right one for you and not to make mistakes in spending money on things that you’re not going to get anything out of. And every single business can be flooded with conferences that they think or that they believe will be a great value to them but they’re making a big mistake. I don’t think any business should spend money on more than six, max ten conferences a year. Realize, six conferences a year is one every two months and they cost a lot of money. So make sure that you pick and you select the right conferences.

Most importantly also, set goals. When you go to the conference, if you’re a sponsor or an exhibitor, a lot of times you can go in and get the attendee list prior to that conference. Who could you arrange to meet prior to that conference, be sure you meet them at the conference.

And most importantly is that follow after a conference. The worst decision a business can have is if they go to a conference, spend all that money then after the conference they let the ball drop. Be sure you follow up. If you follow up properly, you will close big time.