How to Get Your Business Noticed at a Conference

Shai Stern is Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services ( In this video he talks about how to get your business noticed at a conference.

  1. Seek the best location possible
  2. Do something unique to make yourself stand out
  3. Be inviting & pull up a chair
  4. Know what you want to accomplish

Business conferences, there is the pre, there is the at and there's the post. When you are working prior to the conference, have whoever is running your marketing or whoever that is to pick up the phone and call the conference producer and say, "Hey, could I see a map" and try to determine where the best traffic is going to be and if you respond to whatever the best location you could have.

Once you're there, how do you attract people to your conference booth? Historically, everyone goes ahead and they bring out each shot keys or whatever else there. When we were building Vintage, we love giving out popcorn with 5 different bulk shells of different flavored popcorn. And then we have people walking around the entire conference munching on different flavored popcorn in brown paper bag that we stuffed our logo on to. So try to build a buzz around your table. We actually brought Jeremy Pevin a couple of times, brought Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm a bunch of times. These are all things that help cultivate a little more buzz around the table.

Now, later on in the day, when there's a cocktail reception, there are people sitting around the table, try to know prior to the cocktail reception as to what kind of room it is, what's the best location to stand in, how to have a buzz around a group of people that you're standing with. And if you see people walking by, invite them to sit with you. Invite them and say, "Hey, here's a chair for you", and go bring another chair, whatever might be to be inviting and pull up a chair and invite people to come sit with you.

Most importantly, at a conference is have clearer goals for each day prior to getting in there and saying, "Here are my goals for today", in the middle of the day you review and say, "Have I reached these goals, what am I going to do in the rest of day?" And most importantly, get with your team at night and say, "Hey, good day. Here's what we need to improve and here's how we need to do even better the next day at the conference".

Conference is an awesome double edge sword. They could either be the biggest waste of money and the biggest waste of time for your business, and you got nothing out if of it, or it could be the greatest gift to your business ever. We were known as the popcorn people at Vintage and we receive a tremendous amount of business from these conferences. So my advice is do the work before, do the work at, and do the work after and conferences will be a great success for your business.